Information on the Examination

The examination is composed of a written and oral part. The written part verifies your skills in reading, listening and writing. The oral part verifies your ability to answer questions and react to situations. 

Examination                                     Time Period (Pure Time)


Reading                                            25 minutes
Listening                                          35-40 minutes
Writing                                             15 minutes

ORAL EXAMINATION                        10 minutes

The examination in total takes about 1.5 hours. Be aware that it is only the time the examination lasts. The entire examination including registration and breaks can take much longer.

The applicant must remain in the examination room for the entire period of the written examination and may not go anywhere. 

The applicant writes all of the answers on the ANSWER SHEET with a standardized ballpoint pen that the testing institutions received from the NIE. In case of incorrect answers, the applicant fixes the incorrect answers as instructed by the contracting authority and the procedure outlined on the answer sheet.

For each part of the examination, the applicant can acquire a maximum of 20 points. In each part, you must acquire a minimum of 12 points, i.e. 60 %. If he/she does not achieve 60 % in one of the written parts (reading, listening, writing), he/she cannot participate in the oral part. He/she must repeat the entire examination. If he/she fails the oral part, he/she must also repeat the entire examination.

What the Applicant Does on the Examination
During the examination of reading, you receive a text with tasks. You write the answers on the answer sheets.
During the examination of listening, you receive a text with tasks. You will listen to a CD and write your answers on the answer sheets.
During the examination of writing, you will receive tasks. You write your own text on the answer sheets.
During the examination of speaking, you will answer the questions and speak according on the pictures.

The first examination is free for the examination with a VOUCHER.
For further examinations, the applicant pays - 1,500 CZK for each. He/she may repeat the examination in the same or another school.

Sample Examination
At this website, there is a brochure with a model version of the examination available, which includes all of the parts of the examination and an interactive model examination, in which the applicant can test his/her knowledge of the Czech language on the level A1 in the format in which the examination is given. There is also a handbook available entitled Prepare with Us for the Examination of the Czech Language for Permanent Residence in the CR. There is more information on the handbook in the section Handbook. We ask teacher to use these materials in the preparation for the examination.