Information video - the examination of the Czech language for permanent residence in the CR

The information video on the examination from the Czech language is intended for foreigners, who apply for a permit for permanent residence in the CR and are preparing for the examination from Czech. The video accompanies the foreigner through the entire process, the aim of which is the successful passing of the examination and acquisition of the Certificate of Knowledge of the Czech Language, which is an important condition for the granting of permanent residence in the CR. The video mediates in a modern and friendly way the essential information on the examination, especially:

  1. what all is necessary to know before the examination,
  2. how and where to register for the examination,
  3. how the examination takes place,
  4. how the result of the examination is reported.

The length of the video is almost 16 minutes. The video is in Czech, except for the passages in which foreigners speak to one another. The video is available in a version with Czech subtitles and in a version without Czech subtitles. The video includes all the important information on the examination and useful links.