Instructions for the Applicants

(Extract from the Instructions for the Organisation of the Examination of the Czech Language for Permanent Residence in the CR)

The new policies of the implementation of the examination of the Czech language for permanent residence in the CR come from an attempt to ensure the same conditions of examination in all of the schools authorised to provide examinations of the Czech language for permanent residence in the CR. Some of the issues connected with the examination and with the internal operation of the institute can still be prescribed by the school itself.

The following policies and principles must be respected:

  • the dates and relevant versions of the examination are set centrally by the MŠMT;
  • the examination takes place once a week always on Wednesday and once a month on the second Saturday of the month;
  • the school principal is responsible for the correctness of the entire process of the examination;
  • the examination is ensured by these employees: principal, organiser, evaluator, examiner, invigilator of the written examination, chair of the examining commission of the oral part of the examination, the members of the examining commission for the evaluation of the oral part of the examination (1 interviewer and 2 evaluators);
  • the organiser of the examination is an important administrative guide for the applicant from the process of application for the examination until the issuance of the Certificate of the Examination;
  • applicants with a Voucher from the MI or Confirmation of Having Failed the Examination will be given preference in sitting the examination;
  • the applicant appears under the allotted code for the entire period of the examination;
  • the applicant may not repeatedly sit the same version of the examination;
  • the cooperation of the schools with the Alien and Border Police and the regional workplaces of the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the MI is newly regulated.