Changes in the Examination in the Czech Language for Permanent Residency in the CR

02. 08. 2010
As of 1 July 2010, modified instructions apply for the organisation of examinations in the Czech language for permanent residence in the CR. The format of the examination has been significantly innovated.
An alien still has a right to one examination free of charge, namely after submitting a Voucher issued by the Ministry of the Interior. An alien may register for an examination in any of the schools in the List of Schools. The dates of the examination have been set centrally by the Ministry of Education. The examination can be taken on the entire territory of the Czech Republic every Wednesday and every second Saturday of the month. The currently valid dates can be found directly at a specific school.
If the alien passes the examination, he/she obtains a Certificate of Knowledge of the Czech Language. In the case of failure, the applicant obtains NEWLY Confirmation of Having Failed the Examination, which he/she is obliged to submit at another attempt to pass the examination.