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20. 11. 2009
In April 2009, the Centre for the Foreign Nationals Integration Support Centre in the Ústí nad Labem Region, operated by the Counselling Centre for Integration, began its activity. Foreigners can find legal and social counselling here, participate in ethnic and multicultural evenings, use the internet for free, read the current newspapers and magazines and books in foreign languages or attend courses of Czech and socio-cultural courses. More information is available at

11. 11. 2009
We have addressed randomly selected foreigners who sat the A1 examination for permanent residence and asked them a few questions related to the examination in Czech for permanent residence. The responses have been edited.

27. 07. 2009
With effect as of 1st January 2009, the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior assumed the activities of the relevant sections of the Alien and Border Police in the agenda of permanent residence, in addition to which it resolves:


  • applications for permanent residence on the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • acts connected to the extension of the validity of identification documents for residence permits for aliens with permanent residence permits for the territory of the CR;
  • announcement of changes in permanent residence permits;
  • applications for the issuance of an alien passport for aliens with permanent residence permits who for reasons beyond their control cannot acquire passports from the state whose citizenship they have;
  • the cancellation of permanent residence permits in proceedings begun at the request of the alien or of an official authority.
16. 11. 2008

The Training Seminars in the Methodology of Instruction of Czech for Foreigners, conducted between August and November 2008 by the Research Institute of Education in Prague, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR and the authors of the new methodological handbook, have been completed.

The publication ‘Methodology of Preparation for the Examination in the Czech Language for Permanent Residence Applicants (Level A1)' is freely available for download at this website.

Should you have any questions on Czech for Foreigners, please contact the Association of Teachers of Czech as a Foreign Language at