Model situations

The Reference description of Czech defines a circle of 14 themes for foreigners, who need Czech in everyday situations in the Czech Republic.

They are these themes: 
1. Personal data, family and biography, 
2. Housing,
3. Eating, 
4. Daily regime, 
5. Free time and entertainment, 
6. Work, 
7. Health care, health insurance,
8. Shopping and services, 
9. Travel,
10. Education, 
11. Contact with governmental offices
12. Contact with the police and components of the rescue system,
13. Surrounding environment and weather,
14. Contact with the majority society.

The themes within individual speech skills and levels A1 and A2 are further divided into model situations. The specific model scenarios or scenarios are an important tool for teaching migrants. The model situation makes it possible to combine language teaching with the real world. The presented scenarios more or less represent the inclusion of certain model real life situations from practice directly into instruction (e.g., how to buy and how to use a prescription medicine). When learning the language of the scenario, they provide the exact context of using the language that is simulated but potentially real. They provide an absolutely specific and accurate framework for the implementation of individual skills.

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