Czech for Foreigners

Since June 2008, the websites have been run by the National Institution of Technical and Vocational Education (formerly the Research Institution of Education in Prague) as authorised by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The portal is thematically focused mainly on the examination of the Czech language for permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Since January 2009, successfully passing the examination has been a requirement for a foreigner obtaining a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic.

The website provides information on how to prepare for the examination (knowledge can be verified in the so-called Sample Examination), what its rules are and where it is possible to sit the examination. It includes also a List of Schools (divided by region), which prepare for the examination. Neither is it lacking other useful links which concern the permanent residence permit, voucher for sitting the examination for free etc.

All of the texts are in Czech and in English, selected information is also in French, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mongolian and Arabic. The National Institute of Technical and Vocational Educationhas also supplied information flyers in several language variations.

The website Czech for Foreigners is intended for both teachers and examiners, who inter alia will find the Methodology of the Instruction of Czech for Foreigners here. This methodology was sent out by the National Institute of Technical and Vocational Educationat no charge (on CDs) to all of the schools that have the right to examine Czech for foreigners and also ensured training for the teachers for that purpose.