Foreign Nationals Integration Support Centres

26. 11. 2009
As of 1st July 2009, four regional Foreign Nationals Integration Support Centres, operated by the Refugee Facility Administration of the Ministry of Interior, based in Ostrava, Pardubice, Pilsen and in Zlín, began functioning. These centres, which are co-financed from the European Integration Fund, aim to create opportunities for the long-term and conceptual cooperation of the relevant entities in the field of the integration of foreign nationals from so-called third countries who have long-term or permanent residence on the territory of the Czech Republic. In every region, especially the regional and district authorities, the alien police, the state and municipal police, labour offices, financial offices, trade licence offices and other entities are thus addressed with an offer of cooperation.

The range of services offered at the Centres is wide. In them, foreigners can seek professional and social counselling, consult lawyers, attend courses of Czech, namely even courses preparing for the examination in the Czech language for permanent residence and sociocultural courses that will acquaint them with everyday life in the Czech Republic. On the premises of the Centres, it is possible to utilise also the freely accessible internet connection and the library, which has an offer of periodicals in English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Chinese. All of the services are provided at no charge. You can find more information at: